Californian Adventure

Hello lovelies!

Sometimes, life does not go as planned. I have had a series of unfortunate events unfold the past few weeks but that will be an entirely different blog post in itself. About two weeks ago, I had an amazing opportunity to visit California. I traveled to a few different cities and embraced the Californian culture.

My adventure started in Sacramento, California where I was able to watch my younger cousin’s high school graduation. I was so proud when I was able to watch her walk the stage with honors. She is headed to college in the fall to pursue a degree in nursing. My time in Sacramento was spent enjoying moments with my family so there are no pictures.

After graduation, I went to Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz is a beachside town in Northern California. The weather is breezy and beautiful. I found that capris and a flowy peasant top was the perfect outfit even during the summer.

Fun fact: Santa Cruz is the location of one of my favorite 80’s movies, The Lost Boys.

I spent the majority of my time in Santa Cruz enjoying the boardwalk. The sea breeze tangled my hair as my toes left temporary imprints in the sand. I chased seagulls with my cousin with the sounds of the boardwalk games in the distance.

By far, one of my favorite parts of the Santa Cruz boardwalk was riding on the ski lift. It provided an amazing view of the boardwalk and beach.

SC Boarwalk 10

SC Candy

SC Boardwalk 8

SC Boardwalk 3

As I explored the downtown portion of Santa Cruz, I was delighted to see there was a trolley. For only 25 cents, the trolley would drop you off in various parts of the town.

SC 1

Walking down the streets of Santa Cruz, I stumbled across a sign saying “Verve Coffee”. I am a huge coffee fanatic and I had heard of Verve Coffee before on different websites ranking the “best” coffee shops in America.

The morning I traveled to San Francisco, my DSLR camera decided to not work. Somehow on my trip, the camera was damaged and needed to be looked at. Unfortunately, my pictures from San Francisco are not high quality as all of the photos were taken on my iPhone.

SF GG 2 1

Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco is a wonderful, strange, and unique place. It was crowded with attractions everywhere. My first stop in San Francisco was Haight and Ashbury which is known for its hippie vibes. I visited some vintage clothing and tie-dye shops before driving to my next location.

For lunch, I went to a restaurant called “Straw” which is famous for their carnival-inspired food. I sampled their two most famous dishes – the “Fried Chicken-N-Waffle Monte Cristo” and “The Ringmaster”, a hamburger placed in-between two doughnuts. Surprisingly, both were delicious and I gained about 20 pounds with each bite I took. (Just kidding…)

Then, I headed to a different part of the city. I found this cute French-inspired bakery and coffee shop called “La Boulange”. I am not sure if it was a coincidence, but I managed to bump into a couple of French people there and got to practice my French skills.

SF Boulange

Nearby, I found an apartment complex made of shipping containers. Surrounding the apartment complex was an ice-cream shop, coffee shop, bar, juice stand, and bike rental store all in shipping containers. The minimalistic nature of architecture was unique and intriguing.

SF Bike

On Pinterest, I had found an image of a beautiful mosaic staircase. When I found out it was located in San Francisco, I was determined to find it. After searching the city, I finally found it and climbed to the top! The view was breathtaking.

After climbing the staircase to top of the hill.

After climbing the staircase to top of the hill.

I ended my trip to San Francisco by walking on Pier 39 and enjoying the view of the bay, quirky shops, restaurants, and sea lions. This was also around the time my phone’s battery ran out of power so there were very few pictures taken.

My Californian adventure was short and sweet. I cannot wait to visit again and hopefully spend more time exploring. Until next time California…


Larisa Rose


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