Beach Getaway

Hello lovelies!

As my spring break comes to an end, I am reflecting on the positive aspects of the past week. My spring break was off to a rough start for a few personal reasons so getting away to the beach was a blissful opportunity for me. This trip was my escape from reality.

USS Lexington

The U.S.S. Lexington in Corpus Christi, Texas

My beach getaway started off with a trip to an aquarium. I love going to aquariums and seeing all of the amazing creatures. I have been fascinated with marine animals since I was a young girl. My junior year of high school I even took an elective marine biology class for the sole purpose of learning more about marine life.


One of my biggest fascinations with marine life: jellyfish.

The majority of my getaway was spent reading and writing. The relaxing atmosphere of the salty ocean breeze with the sound of seagulls crying was my muse. My old journal was filled so I was more than happy to purchase a new one before my getaway. I am excited to see what words will be filling these blank pages. While I brought some of my old favorite books, I also bought a new one. John Green is one of my favorite authors but I had not read his book Paper Towns. Since the book has been turned into a movie, I thought it was only appropriate to read the book before seeing it in the theater.

unnamed (38)

I fell head over heels in love with the story as I do with any book written by John Green. I am absolutely thrilled to see the movie when it comes out because it appears to follow the book very closely. If you have not read the book already, I highly encourage you to do so!


One of my favorite parts of going to small beach towns is that there are local places that are unlike anywhere else in the world. This ice cream shop is one of my favorites to visit. The place is filled with strange trinkets and decorations. Each table is decorated differently and to top it off – the ice cream is delicious. As a coffee addict, I love to drink their coffee ice cream shakes.

unnamed (34)

The majority of my beach getaway was not as sunny as I had imagined it being. Despite the cloudy weather, I made the most of it. My favorite part of going to the beach is that I feel free. Running around in the sand with tangled windblown hair and a makeup free face is liberating. The waves crashing on my feet as I try to outrun the tide makes me feel like a small child again.

palm trees

Sadly, my spring break is ending. I must travel back to my college town and finish the spring semester. There is only a month and a half left so I have to keep pushing forward to get through it.

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.” – Isaiah 43:2

Until next time…


Larisa Rose

love larisa rose


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