10 Reasons to be Happy | March 11, 2015


Hello lovelies!

It is almost time for spring break for me. As the week wraps up, I am counting down the days, hours, and minutes until I leave for the beach. School is as hectic as ever with midterms and projects being due this week but it will soon all be over. Here are my 10 reasons to be happy this week!


1. Only 2 more days until spring break!

2. Discovering new music and sharing your favorites with others. 

3. Spontaneous nights out with friends that keep you awake until 3 A.M.

4. Eating Chipotle with your best friend. 

5. Getting an A on your midterm that you panicked about the entire night prior to it. 

6. Rainy days spent writing in your favorite coffee shop.

7. Listening to a local band at a record store.

8. Thumbing through vintage records and finding hidden treasures.

9. Trying a new restaurant.

10. Reconnecting with old friends.


What has made you happy this week?


Larisa Rose

love larisa rose


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