10 Reasons to be Happy | February 25, 2015

Hello lovelies!

This semester has been a difficult one. It seems as though each semester is getting harder and harder. My work load is insane. On top of it all, it appears that I have the flu. Trying to fight the flu and battling school work is not an easy task. Trying to stay positive and focusing on getting healthy again! Here is 10 reasons why I am happy this week…


1. Sincere compliments from strangers.

2. Receiving random texts from old friends.

3. Spinny desk chairs.

4. Reminiscing about sunny beach days.

5. Learning new two-stepping moves to show off at a country club. 

6. Spontaneous two-stepping with an old friend in the lobby of a building.

7. Friends who give amazing hugs.

8. Having hilarious coworkers.

9. Relearning how to play the ukelele.

10. Taylor Swift jam sessions at work. 


What has made you happy this week?


Larisa Rose

love larisa rose


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