10 Reasons to be Happy | February 17, 2015

Hello lovelies!

This week has been hectic. A few of my professors have pushed exam and project due dates to an earlier date. Yikes! I have been trying my best to accomplish all of the impending deadlines. I decided to take a break from my homework to post my weekly “10 Reasons to be Happy”. It is being posted a day earlier than normal, but I really needed the positivity in my life right now.


1. Vanilla lattes at your favorite local coffee shop. Coffee always makes me happy no matter what is going on in my life.

vanilla latte

2. Supportive friends.

3. Beautiful flowers on your dining room table. 

flowers in kitchen

4. Writing poetry. 

5. Taylor Swift’s new music video. It is strikingly beautiful and unique.

6. Quiet mornings spent praying and talking to Jesus. 

7. Crashing a wedding in an alley way. 

8. Finding boots on clearance for $12. Score!

9. My little brother always knowing how to make me smile. 

10. Embracing life and all of its curve balls.


What has made you happy this week? I challenge you to write a blog post about it and post it in the comment section below. Or simply let me know in the comment section below. Have a beautiful day readers!


Larisa Rose

love larisa rose



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