10 Reasons to be Happy | February 11, 2015

Hello lovelies!

I know I have not been regularly posting blogs as I promised at the beginning of the year. I have suffered from a severe case of writer’s block the past month. Hopefully, my writer’s block will soon be cured as I spend this upcoming weekend at a coffee shop trying to regain my imagination.


1. Having amazing coworkers and equally amazing bosses.

2.  The smell of a chai tea latte.

3. Friends who randomly text you words of inspiration.

4. Face masks from Lush.

5. Finding old crumpled up pieces of poetry.

6. Spending quality time with friends.

7. Sweaters that are two sizes too big.

8. Gasping for air while laughing.

9. Running for so long that your legs feel like Jell-O.

10. Hearing from old high school friends.

What has made you happy this past week?


Larisa Rose



2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to be Happy | February 11, 2015

  1. the hair & the heart says:

    Sunny walks with friends, being inspired by other hair stylists, being creative (taking pictures, writing), drinking good wine and eating good meals. 🙂

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