10 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Hello lovelies!

It almost that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day! Whether you love it (or hate it) the big day is just around the corner. I love the idea of “love” so Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year. If you are struggling on how to spend Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, try one of these ideas!

1. Spend a night cooking a romantic dinner for each other. Find a yummy Pinterest recipe and start cooking! The two of you will bond creating a delicious meal for each other. Simply add some candles and flowers to the dining room table. Voila! A romantic (and cheaper!) Valentine’s Day dinner.

2. Indoor Skydiving. This would be a fun and exhilarating date that your sweetheart would not soon forget. It is unique and will let you bond through the thrill of feeling like you are flying! Check out this website to find some locations in the USA: http://extremesports.about.com/od/skydiving/tp/List-Of-Indoor-Skydiving-Locations-In-The-United-States.htm

3. Ice Skating and Coffee. Laugh as the two of you enjoy trying to get around the rink. Follow it up by warming up with some coffee at your local coffee shop.

4. Movie in the Bed of a Truck. If it is warmer where you live, try this date idea! Bring comfy pillows, blankets, and an air mattress for the bed of the truck.  Park somewhere under the stars and watch a movie on a laptop snuggled up to your sweetheart. (Don’t forget to fully charge the laptop!)

5. Favorite Restaurant Food Crawl. Are the two of you “foodies” that love a wide range of restaurants but can’t decide which one to go to for this special night? Why not all them? Start the date by having appetizers at one restaurant. Then go to another restaurant for dinner. Finish the date by getting dessert/drinks at the last restaurant of your choosing. This date would also work well if the place you live in has food trailer parks.


6. Go kayaking. If you are the outdoorsy type, try renting a two-person kayak. Most areas around bodies of water should have a place to rent a kayak. If you and your significant other enjoy some healthy competition, think about renting 2 separate kayaks to race each other with.

7. A Day Hike and Picnic. Find a place to hike that neither of you have been to before – drive a couple hours away if possible. Pack a picnic of your favorite picnic foods before going. Remember to bring a camera to capture moments during the hike.


9. Drive-In Movie Theater. Tired of going to the same old movie theater? Try going to a drive-in movie theater with your sweetheart. Pack some of your favorite treats and bring your own  popcorn before going. Check this website to see if there is a drive-in movie theater near you: http://www.driveinmovie.com/mainmenu.htm

10. Take a painting class together. If the two of you are artsy, try finding a painting or pottery class to take together. I highly recommend Painting with a Twist or any place similar to it! Painting with a Twist will teach you how to paint the painting step by step so don’t worry about lacking the artistic ability.


All of the ideas listed above could be used as date ideas for any time of the year. If you like all of them, simply pick one of the ideas and save the rest for later. Please let me know if you tried any of these! I would enjoy to hear how it went!

As for all of my single ladies out there, I will have Valentine’s Day ideas posted for all of you too. Stay tuned lovelies!


Larisa Rose

love larisa rose


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