Hello 2015 + New Years Resolutions for My Blog

Hello lovelies!

I have not been active since 2014 but I am ready to jump into the New Year. Last week, I was supposed to be publishing a post to welcome all of you into the new year but my computer broke. C’est la vie. It is currently being repaired and should be fixed soon. While I am visiting my family, I decided to hop onto my mother’s computer to update all of you.

This year, I have a few New Year resolutions specific to my blog. I have had my blog for almost a year now! Since it has been a year, I wanted to set some goals for myself to improve my blog. I have not been a consistent blogger in the past and I want to change that!


“Love, Larisa Rose” Blog Resolutions

1) Blog at least once a week.

2) Upgrade to premium.

3) Own my URL.

4) Redesign my blog’s appearance.

5) Gain more followers.

6) Add more digital media such as videos, podcasts, etc.

7) Have a more professional tone and appearance.

Hopefully, my computer will soon be fixed and I can accomplish all of these within the next year.

What are some of your New Year resolutions? Do you have any resolutions for your blog?


Larisa Rose

love larisa rose


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