10 Reasons to be Happy | October 29, 2014

Hello lovelies!

I decided that it time for another “10 Things to be Happy About” post. This series filled my life with more happiness when I did it this past summer because it provided reasons for me to always keep my chin up. Life has been difficult lately so I thought the best way to counter the negativity was to focus on the positive aspects of my life.

1. Taylor Swift’s new album 1989. If you know me, I am a Taylor Swift fanatic. This album is so unique and different from Taylor’s previous music; yet, the album still sounds like her. All of the songs are relatable and catchy. (Is it too soon to already know all of the lyrics to every song?)

2. Friendly strangers in coffee shops. 

3. Drinking the best vanilla latte you have ever tasted.

4. Memories of a beautiful backpacking trip.


5. Getting a hair cut and feeling like a new person.

6. Finding the perfect accessories for your formal dress. 

7. Feeling the endorphins pump through your body during your work out.

8. Seeing the first signs of Christmas in stores.

9. New sweaters.

10. Reconnecting with old friends.

What are you happy about today?


Larisa Rose



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