An Open Letter to My College Freshman Self

Hello lovelies!

Today, I decided that I would write a letter to my past freshman self. I have noticed that “Open Letters” are a great way of expressing your emotions to your past self, ex-boyfriend, future self, or to whatever subject you desire. Some focus on heavier subjects while others are satirical. I decided to take a more serious approach when speaking to my freshman self. Please let me know if you enjoyed it! This is the third installment of my Guide to Your Freshman Year series.



Dear Freshman Larisa,

Welcome to college! On this campus, you will meet some of your best friends, have your heart strings pulled, and pull a huge amounts of all-nighters. Copious amounts of caffeine will be consumed as try to study. You will laugh until you cry and then sometimes cry until you can laugh again. Overall, college is by-far a better experience for you than high school.

You know that tall boy that you met on your first night of living in the dorm? You two will break up shortly and it is for the better. Do not keep trying to make your relationship work because he is not worth it. He is trying to use you. You will meet  plenty of new boys in the next couple of years. Some nicer than he is and some that will treat you worse than he did. Do not let that make your heart bitter. Eventually, you will find a nice boy who treats you right. Keep trying. Don’t ever settle.

Take French. I know everyone keeps trying to convince you to take Spanish because it is more “useful” but don’t listen to them. It is your life and you have wanted to take French since you were in 8th grade. French is difficult but you always get through it.

See those girls in the quad with the 3 Greek letters next to them? I know that you never pictured yourself joining a sorority but you will reconsider. By this time sophomore year, you will be rushing that sorority. This will be one of the best choices you make at college. All of the girls are a loving support system. Joining the sorority has made you a better leader while serving others. One year after joining, you will be an officer of the sorority. Embrace it.

There will be times when you want to give up. Don’t. You will make it through the year. Keep studying hard – it will pay off in the end. I know that math has never been your favorite subject but you can do it! Go to the tutoring center or have your one friend who is a math major help you. Drink that coffee and turn those pages in the library. Never stop giving it your best.

Remember that short girl down the hallway from you? You know, the one who is obsessed with musicals,  traveling to New York, and has a cat named Shakespeare? She will become one of your best friends. The two of you will join the same sorority and become sorority twins. Then, the two of you will share an apartment your junior year. She is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. The day that you randomly decided to knock on her door will be a decision that changes your college life forever.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post! If you are looking for more posts like this to read check out What’s in My Backpack or Roommates, Peers, & Professors – Oh My! – both are a part of my Guide to Your Freshman Year series.

Are you an incoming college freshman that needs advice? E-mail me, tweet me, or leave a comment in the comment section below!


Larisa Rose

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