Porcelain Skin Foundation Frustrations

Hello lovelies!

As you may be able to tell from the title, I am thoroughly annoyed at how limited my choices are for foundation. I have very pale skin that has been described as porcelain. Porcelain skin is best described as very fair skin with pink undertones – I have no yellow undertones whatsoever. Every time I go into a makeup store, I am always on the lookout for the perfect foundation for me. I cannot even count how many different foundations I have tried and returned. It is an obscene number.

There are 3 things I look for in a foundation:

  1. The foundation matches my skin perfectly.
  2. The foundation is cruelty-free.
  3. The foundation is made of natural/organic ingredients.

I am not sure whether or not that list makes me “picky” but there are explanations behind every quality. I feel as though asking for a foundation that matches my skin perfectly while being both cruelty free and natural/organic is reasonable.

milkmaid braid 1

For reference of how pale I truly am.

One of worst parts of shopping for foundation is when a makeup artist attempts to help me. Many makeup artists “match” my skin to the wrong shade every time. The makeup artists always reassure me that the foundation looks “flawless” and matches me skin tone “perfectly”. It is frustrating for me to buy products to which I have been matched.

The main issue with most foundations is that even the fairest shade is made for people with yellow undertones. This is confusing to me because most of the people I know who have extremely fair skin have pink undertones. Why would makeup companies not make foundations with various undertones suitable for their wide range of consumers? Why not make two different shades of fair foundation: one for people with yellow undertones and another for people with pink undertones?

On the rare occasion I find the perfect shade of foundation for my skin, there is almost always something wrong with the foundation. For example, in the past week I have been matched to two new foundations: bareMinerals’ bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation and Nvey Eco Moisture Rich Foundation.

The bareSkin foundation in the shade “Bare Porcelain 01” was the perfect match for my skin. Sadly, this foundation made my skin erupt with numerous pimples and clogged my pores. The foundation managed to make my dry skin very greasy and oily – something no previous product has done before. The foundation also did not stay put in place even when combined with a primer. This foundation also required a “special” brush designed specifically for the application of the liquid foundation. Honestly, I believe that this brush is a scam to make more money. It worked perfectly with my affordable Real Techniques buffing brush from the Core Collection.

The Nvey website misled me to believe that the Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation in the shade “Ivory 510” was the fairest shade for pink undertones. After going to Ulta a couple of days ago, I talked to one of the workers who agreed that this would be the best selection for me. As soon as I got home, I moisturized my skin and tried my new foundation. It was awful. My skin began to flake and dry out. Then, I noticed after 2 hours that the foundation had oxidized and left a yellow tint to my skin! Needless to say, I will be soon returning this to Ulta.

Nvey Eco Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation

For now, I am not sure what I will be doing for foundation. Today, I went to Lush and was matched with the Jackie Oates colour supplement. The lovely sales lady gave me a sample to bring home before I go out on a limb to purchase it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be my new foundation!

Jackie Oats

Thank you for taking the time to read my length rant about foundation. I am positive that I am not the only person with this issue. While porcelain skin tones may be difficult to match, I am also sure there are other skin tones just as hard to match!

At the end of the day, I know this is a superficial issue and it is not the biggest concern in my life right now. Inner beauty will always be more important than outer beauty. I was just a tad frustrated!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! If any of you have recommendations for me, please let me know – I will be forever grateful!


Larisa Rose

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10 thoughts on “Porcelain Skin Foundation Frustrations

  1. prettyloved says:

    Your skin looks absolutely gorgeous and I’m so sorry you’ve not been able to find the shade you need. I know for fair skin they have pink tones but I’m not sure for lightest what would be the best color for you. 😦 It sounds to me like you also have sensitive skin that either gets oily or dries out like mine does. I find it hard finding many concealers or foundations I like. I really like the Amazonian Clay Foundation from Tarte. I wonder if they’d have a shade that would work for you. It’s got more of a matte tone but I love it. Covers really nicely if you get little spots sometimes like I do.


    • lovelarisarose says:

      Thanks girly. I was wearing an extremely buffed in CC Cream that photographs better than how it wears. (Another product that I had to return!) I love the way the Amazonian Clay Foundation wears and looks but even the fairest shade is yellow based. Thanks for the advice though! 🙂


      • prettyloved says:

        Ahh how frustrating! Sorry about that. If you do find one you love to bits, make sure to post about it! I’m sure there’s loads of girls who are having the same issue as you and would love to know what you found for a solution ❤ Good luck xo


  2. grizzlylauren says:

    I too know the struggle of being to fair for most foundations, and if I found one, they made my skin go crazy. But, I can reassure you: Jackie Oaths is the perfect match, and it feels (and actually smells) like heaven. It’s so soft, blends amazingly, matched perfectly, is cruelty free and a little goes such a long way. It’s also really pigmented. I hope it also works out for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wondersreviews says:

    I’m in love with the Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance Cream Foundation. For me how hated foundations befor, i find this one really great in almost every point (except the price >.<) maybe you'll find a light shard that suit you !


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