Trial Sized Disappointments

Hello lovelies!

As someone who is a frequent Ulta and Sephora customer, I often find myself getting free trial sized products from coupons or rewards. This is one perk of signing up for both Ulta and Sephora’s rewards program. I love getting to try new products out for free! However, sometimes I find myself disappointed with the trial sized products. No matter how many times I keep trying these products, it just does not work. The tiny trial sized products end up getting pushed to the back of my makeup drawer until I clean it. I do not like giving negative reviews, yet I feel that it is necessary in the case of these particular products. All of the products I will be reviewing are high-end and should be held to a higher standard than drug-store products.

Trial Sized Disappointments 1

Benefit Cosmetic’s Creaseless Cream Shadow in the shade “no pressure! (rich fawn)”

After hearing so many wonderful things about this eyeshadow, I was happy to receive a free sample of it. The pigmentation is great but that is the only thing good about this product. This product was difficult to blend using a finger or a brush. It smeared throughout the day. The product also burned my eyelids, so if you are someone with sensitive skin like me I would not recommend this at all!

Trial Sized Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow

Benefit Cosmetic’s High Beam

This is another highly reviewed Benefit classic. While this highlighter was suited for my fair skin tone, it was a disappointment. The highlighter was hard to blend on top of other products. The highlighter also dries out quickly and clumps in the bottle.

Trial Sized Benefit High Beam

Benefit Cosmetic’s Watt’s Up

Another one of Benefit’s highlighters in a champagne color. The concept of simply applying this product like lipstick to areas on the face that need to be highlighted is a clever one. However, this concept did not work in the slightest. The product was extremely glittery and hard to blend. During application, it rubbed off my foundation. It was obvious on the areas of my face where I applied it. After awhile, it would cake on my face and become more obvious than before.

Trial Sized Watts Up

Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Extravagant mascara

I received this product as birthday reward from Sephora last month. Intrigued by the oddly shaped brush, I gave it a go! After reading the instructions online, the huge oddly shaped brush still proved to be difficult in application. This mascara does not withstand humidity and smudges in the blink of an eye. I had raccoon eyes after 30 minutes! If I did not know any better, I would say that this mascara was a horrible drug store mascara.

Trial Sized MUFE Mascara

Tarte Cosmetic’s Cheek Stain in the shade “flush”

As a Tartelette, it is hard for me to give any Tarte product a negative review. I always wanted to purchase one of their cheek stains but could never find it in myself to spend the money on it. With my Sephora rewards, I picked up a trial-sized version in the shade “flush” which is the original color. I was thoroughly disappointed with all aspects of the blush. The product was sticky, hard to blend, and unnatural looking. The full-size version is also too costly for so little product. I prefer Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush because it easy to blend and it is more natural looking. Plus, the Amazonion Clay 12 hour blush also has more colors to choose from.

Trial Sized Tarte Flush

Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on Lip Liner in the shade “Naked”

Iwas pleased to receive such a generous sample since it is nearly the size of a Urban Decay’s regular lip liners. However, I remain unimpressed. The lip liner made my lips very dry and chapped. It took forever to scrub it off my lips even with makeup remover.

Trial Sized UD Naked Lip

All of the products reviewed above are no longer in my makeup storage and now have a new home: the garbage can. Have any of my readers also had issues with these products? Please let me know in the comment section below!


Larisa Rose


One thought on “Trial Sized Disappointments

  1. prettyloved says:

    So sorry about the disappointments 😦 I hate when you think different make up will do really well and it flops. Hopefully your next batch will be great. Just glad you were sampling them and hadn’t bought them.

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