Larisa’s Life Update | July 2014

Hello lovelies!

This is going to be a quick life update for my readers. I hope to post at this type of post at least once a month. Many life changes happened in the month of July for me. My birthday was earlier this month and I entered my 20s. Getting older also led to me needing glasses. Then, got my hair cut and dyed and had to get it redone because the hairdresser messed up the first time. (Oops!) After saving up some money, I have started to purchasing items for my first apartment. For the most part, I have been shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond and finding awesome deals by using coupons. Shopping for my first apartment is more expensive than I previously thought. There are so many items needed.

My roommates and I met up to celebrate some birthdays. One of my roommates and I were born only 4 days apart so it was exciting to share this time together. Then, I went on a road trip with some of my friends to surprise one of my best friends from college. It was so much fun. We went shopping in a small little town and had delicious snow cones. Sadly, our reunion was short lived as we all had to get back to our jobs.

I also quit my job as being a hostess at a restaurant. Working in the restaurant industry for my first couple of jobs was an eye opener. It has taught me about how hard people work to provide others with quality service. One of the most important lessons it taught me was that restaurant workers live off of tips. I always make sure to provide a quality tip for my server since it is usually split up among the server, hosts, and back-of-house staff. (If you do not know what a “quality” tip is, I would recommend it to be in the 15%-20% range depending on the service.) However, it was time for me to move on after I received word that I now have a new job! I will be working as mentor to the incoming freshman at my university to help make their first year successful.

Next month, I start training for my new job, move into my first apartment, and start my third year of college. I am both excited and nervous for all of these life changes. I will be very busy next month so the number of posts may decrease. However, the quality of the posts will not decrease. It is my goal to always present quality over quantity. I will also be experimenting with some new types of posts such as my makeup or outfit of the day. I also hope to do a fall look-book in the near future.

I have also been trying to be more active on my social media accounts! If you haven’t already, feel free to follow my Twitter and Instagram for more content. Thank you lovelies and have a marvelous day!


Larisa Rose

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