Guide to Your Freshman Year of College | What’s in My Backpack?

Hello lovelies!

As your first day of classes rapidly approaches, you may be wondering what to pack in your backpack. Today, I am going to show you what I pack in my backpack every day before I head off to my classes for the day.

What's in my backpack

The way you pack your backpack is slightly different from the way you would have packed it for high school. Why? You will no longer have a locker for storage so it is important that you have all the necessities. Now take a peak into my backpack!

Laptop and laptop charger

Laptops are the easiest ways to take quick notes during lectures. You will not want to be caught without it! It is especially important to have your laptop charger to ensure it has enough power to last throughout the day.

Phone and phone charger

Student ID

Your student ID is the key to accessing all your college has to offer. I have to use mine to check out library books, scan into classes, use my meal plan, etc. You will not want to be caught without it!


Make sure you have your credit/debit card and some spare cash.


Keep track of your assignments and upcoming tests. Make it a habit to use and check it daily. I will write another blog post about this later.


If your professor requires that you bring a textbook, make sure you have it. Going to class without it will not be fun.


Some professors will not allow laptops or other electronic devices. Maybe your laptop/tablet stopped working. Be prepared for the worst case scenario by having 1 or 2 notebooks.


This is necessary for neatly organizing all of your first day syllabuses from each class. It will also be used later to keep assignments looking pristine before handing them into your professor.


This item may not seem necessary, but you never know when you will need it. Keep it in your folder!


For writing notes and in your planner.

#2 Pencils

You never know when you need to fill in a scantron! Do not be caught without a #2 pencil on testing days or in the case of a pop quiz.


The chances are that you will make a mistake during your algebra class. That’s okay. Simply wipe it away.

Mini stapler

Some professors will not accept assignments unless it is stapled when you hand it in. This one is important! It has saved my grade (and my fellow colleagues) on numerous occasions.

Reusable water bottle

Do not forget to stay hydrated walking around campus. Many college campuses have areas where you can refill a water bottle. Bonus: you are helping the environment.

Protein bar/healthy snack

This is important to keep your stomach from growling in class.

Glasses/contact case

Lip balm

Ponytail holder


Feminine hygiene products

Ladies, you do not want to be caught without these. One day you (or another girl!) will be forever grateful you have these.

Mini umbrella (optional)

Live in a fickle climate or one that is known for its rain? Be prepared in case it rains on your way to your next class.

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Now, I know this seems like a lot to pack into a backpack, but trust me, you will be grateful one day that you have all of these items. My backpack is from Vera Bradley. Unfortunately, I do not believe this exact pattern is available. However, there are plenty of other options on their website. I highly recommend Vera Bradley backpacks with built in laptop holder.

Are you an incoming college freshman that needs advice? E-mail me, tweet me, or leave a comment in the comment section below!


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9 thoughts on “Guide to Your Freshman Year of College | What’s in My Backpack?

  1. VelanéDeBeauté says:

    Rose, your blog is so girly-girl cute. I am actually a freshman, and pretty nervous/excited about it. I’m already having fits of worry that I might leave something at home when shifting, and I keep making lists longer than anyone can imagine. Panic attacks I suppose. Anyway, this post was fun, keep writing 🙂


    • lovelarisarose says:

      Glad you like my blog! Having fits of worry is normal, I suffer from panic attacks myself so I completely understand. If you have any questions about college please let me know so I can include it in a future post! 🙂


      • VelanéDeBeauté says:

        Thank you so much.
        Okay, one, how I start to pack? I really don’t know. And second, could you do something on dealing with people in college? Like your roommates, other classmates, seniors, professors etc? I seem to have non-existent social skills. 😛
        Again, I’m glad I found out your blog. I’ve been reading through your other posts, you’re a life saver! ♥


      • lovelarisarose says:

        These are exactly the types of questions I was looking for! I will have a post related to these questions up next Tuesday, so stay tuned. I am so glad you are enjoying my blog – it means a tremendous amount to me to hear from my readers.


      • VelanéDeBeauté says:

        Sigh of relief!
        I am starting college in mid-August, and have never been subjected to living in a populated environment, or out-of-town for that matter.
        I’ll be readily waiting for those posts then. 😀


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