10 Reasons to be Happy | Birthday Edition

Hello lovelies!

It is Wednesday so that means it is time for another post for my “10 Things to be Happy About” series. Today also happens to be my 20th birthday! I have so many things to be happy about today but here are 10:

1. Celebrating 20 years of a healthy and blessed life. 

2. A fantastic birthday breakfast. 

3. Finding a bouquet of my favorite color of roses on the table this morning.

heart of roses


4. Feeling excited for the next decade of being a twenty-something.

5. Being surrounded by my loving family.

6. An amazing (gluten-free!) vanilla rasberry birthday cake. Want a recipe? Let me know in the comment section below!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7. A bright sunny day.

 8. A thoughtful (and funny!) coffee mug from my bestie.

Isn't this hysterical?

Isn’t this hysterical?

9. Having an awesome hair stylist who colored and cut my hair perfectly yesterday. (Blog post to follow!)

10. Going to the movie theater for the first time in awhile to see Maleficent. 

Please take the time to enjoy Lana Del Rey’s cover “Once Upon a Dream” because it is perfect.

What are you happy about today? I challenge you to write a “10 Things to be Happy About” post! Please tag me or let me know if you have done one. Have a wonderful day lovelies!


Larisa Rose

P.S. I am super busy right now but I promise a bunch more blog posts are coming your way!


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