Larisa’s Life Update | June 2014

Hello lovelies!

Life has been hectic lately. I am balancing summer school, an internship, and a job. I have not really had time to blog as much as I want to or enjoy the summer.

After much debate, I decided to switch one of my minors from French to International Studies. I switched mostly because my Business Administration minor worked better with an International Studies minor than a French minor. The courses I have completed for my French minor all count for my International Studies minor. Right now, I am swamped with studying for my geography class. In fact, I am almost done with my summer school semester as I near my final exam taking place this upcoming Tuesday. I was also going to do a second summer school semester but opted to not take it. Why? I have not had a break from school since I graduated high school two years ago. Last summer I took 12 credit hours during the summer and loathed every minute of it. It is time for me to take a break from school so I can hit the ground running for the fall semester in August.

A beautiful rose blooming in my rose garden.

A beautiful rose blooming in my rose garden.

To be honest, June was a boring month for me. I am looking forward to July for a few reasons. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays purely because it makes summertime feel like summer for me. The fireworks, BBQ, and splashing in the pool make for an exciting night. My 20th birthday is also coming up soon which is exciting/terrifying. I cannot believe I am almost done being a teenager! However, what I am looking forward to the most is being reunited with my friends. On my birthday weekend, I will be spending it with my future roommates who just so happen to be some of the best people I have met in college. There will also be more posts from me in July when I will finally have time to blog to my heart’s content. Stay tuned in July – I have some posts already planned!

Hope everyone is having a fun summer!


Larisa Rose


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